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About Elevate Apparel

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 Jeremy Mitchell, Founder of Elevate

Thank you for visiting our site. The Elevate Product line was founded by a guy who aspires to create a high-end quality apparel line that fits perfectly and looks exceptional.


It all started when I moved to South West Florida, where sports are played all year. Playing almost every sport, I noticed the sports jerseys were not good quality and uncomfortable for an athletic-built person. From there, I decided to start our apparel brand. It took adjusting the measurements and using higher-quality materials to create a better fit for most people.


I was creating and wearing jerseys for friends who loved to wear them. Everyone seemed to love our sportswear's new fabric and fit, and Elevate Apparel was born.


Soon after, other sports teams in the area began contacting our young company requesting that we make custom jerseys for their sports teams. With success with custom jerseys, we decided to focus some attention on golf apparel.  With many younger players starting to play golf, we decided to take the same concept with sports jerseys and apply it to golf apparel.


Traditionally, golf wear seemed to have a dull appearance and loose fit that was not attractive to a large new demographic of golfers. With this in mind, we decided to create a more athletic fitting golf apparel line with bold prints that would be very attractive to a new generation of golfers.  Once again, this method was proven successful, as many golfers began wearing our brand over many others.


We are incredibly grateful at Elevate Apparel for what we have accomplished and only hope that our customers love our brand as much as we do at the Elevate Apparel Team!


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